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Angelic Orbs: Fallen Star


Time to talk a little about what was introduced earlier – White Cat’s next visual novel, Angelic Orbs: Fallen Star.

Angelic Orbs is the story about Tia, an angel who is unable to return home, and the three people she meets who feel just as lost in the world as she does. Together this unlikley group begins a journey to correct the wrongs she has done, and learn the truths of the world they live in.

AO is planned to take part over three or so ‘episodes’ or ‘chapters’. Fallen Star is the first, and will contain a story that hopefully works well on its own, but also leads into the greater scheme of things that follow in the next chapters. This is done because AO in general is a much bigger story than Blue Rose was, and because I plan to try out a number of new things in the way the story is told and the visuals are presented. Splitting the story into well-sized chapters will make the completion of each of them easier to accomplish, and let me get a game out there earlier to see if this kind of projects works well with its audience. And for the things that do not work, I should be able to improve that so much more for the following chapters.


Angelic Orbs is not BxG or GxB – the player is not a narrator but an observer, and the ways you can interact with the story are shaped, maybe limited, around that. There will be times where you can change the point of view on the story that unfolds, and a few occassions where you can interfere with the with the circumstances that the group finds themselves in.

At the time of writing another kind of interactivity is also planned. Whenever the group finds themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to fight, you will be able to control these battles in a turnbased rpg-like manner.


At this point however, the game is still very early in its production. It is currently in the writing phase, with the first draft of the first four parts of the chapter written so far. Many of the concepts about player mechanics and even art presentation are therefore still up in the air, and many things can yet change before the final game sees completion in the distant future. I will most likely return with several different blog posts about this, while also trying to gauge people’s thoughts on different ways of handling these topics.


The sad part about this point of the production is that there is so little to show! Therefore we will have to make do with these little concept sketches for now. If I can set some time aside for it, then hopefully I will have some more visual things to present at some point, and maybe do a more indepth presentation of the world and the characters that this vn will be about.

So see you next time!


Lena portrait


Wanted to try and do a painting from scratch with limited time, set to 1½ hour. Failed pretty much as expected as I got caught up in all the wrong things! Even cheated with 15 minutes in the end to make it more presentable *cough*. Anyway, here is a simple Lena.

Time and place

The deadline to participate in the World of Warcraft Tribute artbook from Udon was passed the other day. I made an attempt to participate in this – in spite of not paying attention and therefore only hearing about it when there were 4 days left to submit something in. I still wish I had more time to work on my piece, as there are things I would have liked to put in there, had I more time. But for now all there is to do is hope for the best. Slim chances, I know.

But it also makes me think of something that sometimes crosses my mind after finishing a piece. What if I had heard about this contest earlier, and started working on my piece in good time? It would most definitely have looked completely different. Not because I had more time to work on details and to add things, but because I would have started work with both a different mindset, but also maybe a very different image in my head. Would it really have been better?

I think art depends a lot on the very second you sit down to begin. Even if you make early sketches and plan out your picture, so much of it is decided on that one moment and the state you’re in, if you do it Monday or Tuesday.

I find it a strangely fascinating thought. This picture you’re painting, or the text you’re writing – how would it have looked if you had done it next week instead? Or just a few hours later?

You’ll never really know. At the same time, the thing you are working on exists only in this very second when you put down your pen. Wait, and it will be gone forever, replaced by something else. For better or for worse, that’s another matter entirely!

Blue Rose Characters – Erin

Up next is Erin:


Erin is the lone girl with her own route in Blue Rose. She runs a small inn in the village together with her sister Mary.

Erin is a positive, welcoming character, who takes an interest in Lena right away. Her dream is to turn their small inn into a great restaurant – something quite unlikely in the tiny little mountain village where they live.

Easily impressed by Lena’s knightly background, Erin is a bit of a dreamer. She loves cooking and socialising with others, but stays somewhat isolated in spite of this.

Blue Rose Characters – Simon

Next character introduction is for Simon:

Simon is a Templar of the Blue Rose, just like Lena. They have worked together for almost two years now, and Lena sees him as an important mentor to her.

Simon takes his position very seriously, and has a great sense of responsibility for those under his command. He is also very calm and collected, and usually has his temper under control. Usually.

Simon’s route was hard to write. So many things are going on under his calm exterior, and the other routes have him say and do things as a result of this, which could be hard to explain. That, and he usually has to draw the short end of the stick.

Don’t worry Simon, you’ll get your chance! Some day…

Blue Rose Characters – Lena

Guess I can (very) slowly start to introduce the characters in Blue Rose.

The obvious choice for the first one is:

Lena – the protagonist.

The last visual novel I wrote (which spanned more than 5 minutes) was Angelic Orbs. The protagonist in that story was Kevin, a boy from the country who… well, was kinda helpless. Kevin was not the bravest of men, and certainly no warrior, often resulting in him having to improvise during the more dangerous situations in the story.

Lena is something different – apart from being a girl, she is also a Templar of the Blue Rose, a high order of elite knights in the kingdom of Tanves. She believes in being able to hold one’s own and in fighting for what is right. Which means she can kick some serious butt if it comes down to it.

She is also the only important character in the story without any in-game sprites. That doesn’t mean you won’t get to see her in cg’s though.

Although Lena believes in being strong, she soon realises that in reality she has hardly ever made an independent choice in her life. She also comes to the realisation that these choices will end up having great consequences for everything around her.

One of the key points I had in mind when starting out on Blue Rose, was that I wanted a protagonist with a clear, strong personality. She would have a name, a face and an important role in what happens. She is not just the protagonist, but the centre of the story – and the reader will go through the events together with her, aiding her in her choices.

Hopefully you will enjoy this journey when it’s finally done – and that you’ll be able to care for Lena, even in spite of her faults.

Munch munch

“Oh, was this yours?”

I really need to practice more. Anyway, have a random sketch.

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