AO – Glass Wings

I have been wanting to write a post about the Visual Novel I’m making for some time, so here goes.

‘Glass Wings’ is so far the title for an OELVN (original english language visual novel) that I am making, based on my online comic Angelic Orbs. It will contain 3 paths (Tia, Yoko and Zyra) and be playable even if you haven’t read the comic before.
The story takes place further down the timeline for AO, which means that there will be characters and events mentioned that haven’t happened in the comic yet.

So far progress on the game is going well , and only half of the last path needs to be written at this point. Almost all character sprites are drawn and coloured, but several of the CG’s still need work done. No music has been made for the game yet (I am planning on getting someone to help me with that when the game is closer to completion.)

Here are some screenshots of the game so far:


The story:
Strange things have been happening. And suddenly Kevin, whose life is usually dull and uneventfull, finds himself surrounded by a group of strange travellers and demons who are all looking for one thing – and they all believe that he has something to do with it. Soon he is unwillingly dragged along on the hunt for this magical item, and at some point he may even have to choose what side in this hunt he wishes to take. Or does he really have a choice?

Lol, I’m not very good at writing story summaries…. but look out for further updates concerning this project, or take a look at the discussion on Lemmasoft or ask me here or in the forums if you have a question 🙂


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